Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I love books on counter-intelligence. The puzzle solving, the race against time (real or imagined), the false leads. LeCarre has Haydon say that "The secret services are the only real expression of a nation’s character,” and these books, especially when its about an amateur act of espionage, really serve to show some of the soft, and disturbing underbellies of our nation's intelligence service.

This book is all about the improbable story of Brian Regan, an embittered Air Force security specialist who decided to pad his retirement by offering classified intelligence to Libya. I find the story of Regan fascinating, not because of how special he is but how much he represents a snapshot of a white working class entitlement that seems familiar to today. All turned on itself and sick.

The writer is a staff writer and his love of cryptography and puzzles (and those who solve them) shine in the book.

A fun read, full of some great bits, that is probably well worth your time to read if you, like I, am fond of this type of book. If you haven't read much then this is a very serviceable introduction to this sort of tale and will be enjoyable.


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