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Some key Individuals

Roxanne, Power of Photography: our protagonist

Time: Time’s an androgyne and not on the same timeline as everyone else. Which makes hir seem like a scatterbrain, but they aren’t. Time is fascinated by creating little alternate realities, in snow globes. It seems to treat them as bonsai-like art forms. Most others don’t get it. Hu is Roxanne’s sibling.

Elena, Power Resonate: Roxanne’s other sibling. She dwells in a night club where the dream forms of important 20th and 21st century artists/musicians/thinkers mix and mingle. The first time Roxanne met her she was watching a performance of Coltrane, Gillespie, Hendrix and someone who is currently 5 perform some very out-there Jazz.

Jason, Power Thunder: Arrogant and thousands of years old. He claims to have been born in Thule. He’s a pretty boy and seems to know everyone and everything. He is sibling to Max.

Max Ernst, Power of Signifiers: He’s from Babylon, or something. Less arrogant than his sibling they may have been lovers at some point. Might still be. He’s a player and a manipulator and a powerful sorcerer. He also strives for an apocalypse. But only his apocalypse. He doesn’t like other’s. He’s only started wanting an apocalypse in the last 60 years.

The ErlKing: King of the Los Angeles Fae. He’s dangerous.

Llewleyn: Master thief and scion of a noble house of the fae. Past lover of the ErlKing. Irreverent and probably a little too influenced by movies of the rat pack. And Hudson Hawk.

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Ivor (if that's how you spell it): Djinn bartender at Jason's (unnamed as yet?) club

Moira: Power of Words Into Action, a ronin sort who goes around righting wrongs and killing qliphothic entities, helped me make an enchanted glass/light sword

Talia: Power of Polysemy, into preserving Reality in the face of invasion, and part of a larger (unnamed) order of Nobles that do that kind of thing (group also includes Time, Moira, Symmetry, Spheres, Equation). Likes hunting, has a stronghold on a mountain somewhere in Mongolia

Morgan: mage whose focus is light magic

Clark Bartlet: CEO of something important, also a mage, and head of my prospective cult-to-be (a bunch of rich magician-types who are using art to create a portrait of the human soul, a la the human genome project

Maria: Power of (I think) Waves, surfer

Queen of Storms: Fairy Queen, Llewellyn's grandmother

Other Powers whose names I don't remember: Symmetry, Equation, Spheres, Morning, Semiotics, that guy with the cafe in the sky, that Power who deleted his photos from reality and who I was annoyed at


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