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I, like most other folks in my circles, have spent the last few weeks in rage, anger, sadness and just “WTF” about the election of the angry Cheetos to the US presidency. And like many folks I’ve posted, shared, retweeted and otherwise made my anger known. I’ve donated some rather large sums (for us) to various organizations fighting the good fight (Planned Parenthood, ACLU, SPLC, BARCC and others), called my elected officials and been taking steps to participate in the Resistance.

But I’ve noticed a trend that I want to say something about. Guys (and I do mostly mean guys) we’ve been too quiet. And we have not been supporting the women and people of color (because lets be honest I mean white guys) by being public and front line in our resistance.

And frankly, I’m starting to find it disgusting. I’m talking to my cisgender, straight white male guys – my gamer and geek friends and acquaintances. We’re being too quiet. We’re sitting on the sidelines. And by doing that, intentionally or not, we’re doing the opposite of being helpful, we are being part of the problem.

Screw that. I refuse to be part of the problem. I refuse to let you guys be part of the problem. I love you too much.

And before you say what you’ve said in the past, screw the fact you have a job where having a social media presence is a problem. Screw the fact you work for google or facebook or Microsoft or Amazon or Disney. Not an excuse. Silence is consent. You know that, you are historically educated. You and I have had discussions that indicate to me you know what I’m talking about (and you know who you are).

After 2000 (remember 2000) many of you were not silent. Stop being silent now. I know many of you are putting your money into your beliefs. Stop being silent about that.

I call on all of usto:
1. Post, post, post. Share and reshare. Tweet and re-tweet. No silence. No normalization. No consent.
2. Support the people of color and women in our lives and around us.
3. Be public in the resistance (Resistance guys, cue the star wars music if it helps). Figure out how that works for you and do it.
4. Stop running and writing narratives that normalize and support. No more true king storylines (unless your subverting). After 2000 I ran a spy game that was meant to be hardhitting. Many of you fondly remember Rob’s Unknown Armies campaign. More of this and do it publicly and loudly.
5. Support women and people of color art (books, music, games). I plunked down money for Emily Care Boss’s work and will be avoiding Pelgrane until I start seeing women writers on covers (those books I’ll buy)
6. Be vocal. Remember we are not alone but we have a duty and a responsibility to support others who do not have our privileges.

I know I’m not often the best of friends. I’m busy, I tend to look inward to my relationship. But I’m asking this of you because I do love you guys. Join me and DO NOT BE SILENT!
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