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Not sure how I missed this book, Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage by Albert Glinsky.

As a Soviet scientist, Theremin surrendered his life and work to the service of State espionage. On assignment in Depression-era America, he became the toast of New York society while passing data on U.S. industrial technology to the Soviet apparat. Following his sudden disappearance from New York in 1938, Theremin was exiled to a Siberian labor camp and subsequently vanished into the top-secret Soviet intelligence machine, presumed dead for nearly thirty years. Using the same technology that lay behind the theremin, he designed bugging devices that eavesdropped on U.S. diplomatic offices and stood at the center of a pivotal cold war confrontation. Throughout his life, Theremin developed many other electronic wonders, including one of the earliest televisions and multimedia devices that anticipated performance art and virtual reality by decades.

Sounds perfect.
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I can't decide who is the bigger potter-head in the family, [ profile] peaseblossom or the boy. The last three weeks have been all Harry, all the time. And the next month promises to be the same.

I definitely know where we'll be on the 20th, the Best Harry Potter Party EVER! Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys. Should be fun.
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I went to Pandemonium today during lunch and got Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand and Endless Things by John Crowley. Two of my favorite authors. I can't decide which one I will read first. Hand's new book is supposed to be very good (and I love her writing) but the end of the Aegypt series, how can I freaking not read that! I almost wish Chris Frekering wasn't coming over tonight so I can read one. But seriously I haven't seen him in several years and its pretty exciting that he's in the States.

With these two books Small Beer Press gets a lot of kudos in my book as a superior press (they have other good books too). I'm glad Pandemonium is carrying so much Small Beer right now, good stuff.

The end of Aegypt. I'm in palpatations.
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I've said more than once that John Crowley's novel Little Big is the startof a lot of modern/urban/contemporary fantasy and probably the greatest of the mdoern fairy tales. It's an absolute masterwork of modern fiction with deeplroots in the fairy lore of Victorian England while still being deeply infused with the American spirit. Its one of those books that I've lent out and not received back more than I can count.

For the book's 25th anniversary Incunabula Press is doing a special edition with critical introduction from Harold Bloom. I've been eying this for a while but the $95 price tag makes me keep hesitating. But it looks like the the book is actually going to happen and now I want it once more.
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First you all fail [ profile] peaseblossom and then the internet fails to inform me until today that there is a new John LeCarre novel out, The Mission Song.

And it's set in the Congo.

I definitely need to get this book.

Count Down

Jul. 28th, 2006 10:30 pm
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Some might say that the biggest thing to happen in two weeks is the marriage of [ profile] asciikitty and [ profile] bluegargantua, and they probably would be right. But in close second place is the release of Tim Power's new book, Three Days to Never.

If it came out three days earlier they would get it as a wedding present, poor them.


Jul. 14th, 2006 07:00 pm
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[ profile] crowleycrow has announced that the 4th book of the Aegypt series will finally see print. Yeah!!!!!
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Steven Aftergood calls my attention to a book called Imaginary Weapons, which sounds quite up the alley of folks on my friends list. I've already ordered a copy from the local library and I'm looking forward to this. A book like this satisfies two itchings: The first is pointing out the fallacies of the crazy military-industrial complex and the insanity of the Bush administration; the second is my love of fringe science and eliptony.
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Oh joy, oh glee!

GENERATION LOSS tells the story of a notorious photographer from the post-Factory/Andy Warhol days who runs into some very scary business when she attempts to revitalize her career by interviewing another well-known artist on an island off the coast of Maine.

The sad news being I have to wait another year.

EDIT: However, she is doing a novel based on The Bride of Frankenstein being published by Dark Horse (their book imprint) in September of this year.

This new novel by the critically acclaimed Elizabeth Hand reinterprets the memorable characters from Universal Picture’s classic 1935 film for a new generation of horror fans. Detailing the bride of Frankenstein’s secret history, from the shadows of forgotten laboratories to the streets of Weimar Germany, she creates a richly atmospheric tale of horror, mystery, and tragedy as chilling as the creature itself.

I'll read it. I'm such a fan boy.


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