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I like the idea of one-shots, but I'll be honest I'm not so good at the prep work for the games as I want to be. I always seem to be rushing to complete things at the 11th hour. Which is why for Mystery and Decadence, which is tomorrow night by the way, I'm still trying to finish up characters.

Feel free to help!
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As a reminder [ profile] my_tallest, [ profile] peaseblossom, [ profile] jeffwik, Kathryn, [ profile] editswlonghair, [ profile] bluegargantua, [ profile] vampyrusgirl, and hopefully [ profile] head58 will be playing in Mystery and Decadence, my 1870s Castle Falkenstein occult game one-shot set in Shangahi, this Thursday. It should be fun.

[ profile] head58, whats up with this Wednesday?
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Shanghai, Paris of the East. Shanghai, Whore of the Orient. Shanghai where foreigners carved out concessions and built palatial estates and clubs. The year is 1873 and Shanghai is a city where east meets west and where fortunes are made and lost and new decadences are discovered daily in countless opium dens and gambling joints, in myriad brothels. A city where Chinese, English, French, American mingle uneasily partitioned into Chinese Section, the International Settlement and the French Concession.

This is the city that you make your home. And one eventful September 3rd each of you find yourself in front of one of the most rumored and storied residences in the city. And your lives will never be the same.

Mechanics: Castle Falkenstein

Characters: Characters will be provided by the Gamemaster or may be made in advance with proper discussion.

When: Thursday, January 5th at [ profile] jereblossom starting at 7 pm.

Who: Six to Eight of you. I think I have three slots filled so far.


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