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Jan. 1st, 2011 04:34 pm
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We have started a new family D&D game. The last one kind of got lost at the end of the year. And instead of picking it up again the kids really, really wanted to make new characters. So we ended up with the Starchild playing a Razorclaw Warden; the boy with a human druid who likes to shapeshift, and [livejournal.com profile] peaseblossom as an Elven Ranger. We started at 5th level.

This group is heavy with interrupts and conditional bonuses/modifiers. And lots of secondaries. It will be interesting to see how the kids do.

In other D&D news the boy has been talking about running a game with his friends, so we got him the Dungeon Master's Kit.
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I've decided to do a sandbox interlude against the central plot (stop the StarPact Warlock before (s)he ushers in an age of madness and changes the world (except I'm not sure the kids have realized thats the central plot)

As their characters are all at an Academy studying to join the bureaucracy I've decided to write a student paper/newsletter. And I'm in brainstorming mode. Since I love to brainstorm in groups, join in!.

The criteria are:
1) This is a D&D world
2) Its a Japanese(esque) setting
3) Nature and Arcana are really big with the kids. And they love fae.
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[livejournal.com profile] peaseblossom has posted about our current family d&d game.

The game is going well, I keep meaning to write mroe about it, but then I keep meaning to write more about lots of stuff.

I will say I'm shocked about how expensive D&D is as a hobby. I haven't spent money like this on roleplaying in over a decade (the advantage of playing games like Gumshoes)
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We’ve been playing D&D with the kids the last few weeks. [livejournal.com profile] peaseblossom has been posting the session summaries, and yes we have been working our way through Keep on the Shadowfell of which we have three more encounters to go.

Gaming with the family is going pretty good, so I’m pretty sure we’re going to keep it up. The kids enjoy it, and I both Peaseblossom and myself are having a lot of fun gaming with me. And yes, I’m greatly aware of the amusement value many of my friends are getting from the fact I’m running D&D.

I’m going to offer the kids the chance to start new characters after this adventure. I know the boy is greatly enamored by the many options available to him (he’s currently in love with a Ranger variant he read in some book while hanging around Borders, it involves beast companions). The starchild is a little harder, she really likes her Warlord, even if it is a really hard class for her to play.

The advantage of starting fresh is I can actually craft more of a campaign. Nentir valley is okay, but maybe not my cup of tea.

We’ve discovered that the best formula for both kids is one combat encounter and one skill challenge and/or roleplaying scene a night. Anything more than that and the starchild really starts to fade. Two combats are usually too much for her. Both kids also really like humor -- the boy especially as it fits his image of a Rouge. And kobolds - For some reason the starchild really wants more encounters with kobolds.

According to this post it seems like this is the model for Wizard’s D&D Encounters, but since it seems I need an RPGA number for that I’m not sure how to get my hands on any to tell.

Gaming with the kids has also interested me in other gaming as well. I need to find some folks to run Gumshoes or something else interesting as well.

Next step, plan a campaign. I’m thinking some sort of area where the Feywild, Shadowfell and Elemental Chaos all blend together. With a giant river.
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I have now rolled more dice this weekend than probably in the whole last decade. Its crazy die rolling. Also we're finding a lot of d6's in our dice box with edges broken off, its rather spooky.

I really need to work on the following:
  • Cover and concealment
  • Temporary hit points(the kobold priest had a minor at will power that gave all the other kobolds 5 temporary hit points if they were within 10 squares. That seemed crazy excessive (will this encounter ever end!), and I ended up not doing it every round.
  • Burst, blast and area. Is there an intuitive way to remember this stuff?
The kids are doing great. Lots of excitement The starchild is way too cute as she tries to roleplay. Her to an elf NPC: "I'm a half-elf and my mom was an elf, so, what do you know about the kobolds?"

Things to work with them:
  • Not giggling when the starchild roleplays (okay this is for me and Jess primarily) but it so darn cute!
  • Figuring out powers and how to use them for best effect
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The Starchild is playing a half-elf Warlord. When thinking about her background she said "My father was a Warlord before me, so I figured I could do it."

Yep, there is some funny stuff going on in the living room right now.


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