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[ profile] peaseblossom has posted her initial thoughts on Changeling and I’m in total agreement with those. Right now my basic thought is that contracts and pacts and the rest are incredibly well done but the game is way to emo for my sake.

I appreciate the themes of slavery and abuse. I think a lot of interesting stories can come out of this theme. I like that this is a game about reclaiming and building a life - Cool stuff. But I really regret that the game doesn’t explicitly provide guidance for social contact. This is not a game I’d play without explicit agreement for physical, sexual, mental, social and just plain weird abuse tortures. I also don’t like the presentation of abuse as sexy that comes across but my reading is light ad I’ll let [ profile] peaseblossom discuss this as I am riding her coattails.

One of the many things I’d change is the courts overriding emotion. I like courts (I like layering of pacts and obligations and oaths and contracts and the rest). Right now they are 1 emotion each, each negative (Desire – which is really lust; Wrath; Fear; and, Sorrow). I’d probably make it so each court has three emotions, one of hope, one of despair (the current ones) and one more neutral aimed at community/belonging or some such. That way a greater variety of stories can be told.

I’m intrigued. It doesn’t bode well for my anti-WW image that I’ve been intrigued so by two recent releases (Scion and now Changeling), but I’m sure I can live.
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[ profile] peaseblossom wrote a review of Spirit of the Century that I hope folks will read with the attention it deserves.

As some folks know I've been ona hiatus from gaming since a ratehr regrettable melt-down. I've decided that as my rentry point I want to spend time doing 1:1 gaming with [ profile] peaseblossom, something we've never done before. But I'll be honest my original idea was to actually have some rules but I'm being stumped in finding the best set. I was hoping Spirit of the Century would do it, but maybe not (and theres still the issue of Fudge dice, something neither of us have ever warmed up to).

Systems left to check out for resonance with my current gaming wants

  • Esoterrorist

  • Castle Falkenstein

  • Active Exploits

  • Nobilis

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A staple premise of much of genre fantasy and SF is that only through the iron will of heroes can the world be saved - and those heroes are not regular people, they are extraordinary beings. An extreme extent of this viewpoint is that we should all just do as they say, because they know best. While this is strongest of stock genre fantasy/SF (and rightly made fun of) its pretty standard in genre TV (Buffy anyone?), comic books and yes, gaming.

I’m not interested in arguing about wish-fulfillment and political messages and the rest. It’s enough for this post to acknowledge that it exists and then to think of my recent roleplaying, specifically Age of Paranoia and Tantaene Animis Caelestibus Irae.
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Reviewing a friend's game can always be touchy, at least for me as I'm not always known for my tact or diplomacy, but here goes.

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