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The boy has asked me to run a game for him and his friends. He writes:

I would like my roleplaying game to be about Harry Potter.

I think the setting should be at Hogwarts and I think the characters should be very good at magic or not very good at magic.

I also think that the scene should be a mixture of quidditich and magic class.

Discussing it with him he seemed happy to choose a different school, perhaps in the USA. So I'll probably set it at the Salem Academy, which is mentioned very very briefly in Goblet of Fire. Probably for simplicity we'll end up with the same houses but need to ask the kids that.

From discussions with [ profile] peaseblossom it appears what he really wants is to focus on magic class and quidditich and he doesn't care about having a big bad. He also wants to go through all seven years. That seems to lend itself to a nice narrative arch of start of school, halloween, christmas break, quidditich cup, end of school. Which is pretty much how most of the books are organized.

Mechanics, well definitely will have to whip up something simple. [ profile] peaseblossom recommend using a class schedule to build skills, and that seems reasonable. Throw in some virtues and we're all set.

Now to invite his friends.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 01:47 am
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I can see where Rowling said she had written the last chapter first, the epilogue is very telling.

Interesting choices, interesting book. I agree with others that it is a fitting ending.

And yes I did cry.
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Last night we were in Harvard Square and fun was had by everyone. The Hungarian Horntails where, as [ profile] peaseblossom said, the most punk thing we've seen in years. A bunch of kids wailing on a guitar screaming about Harry Potter stuff and forgetting the words, making up new ones and occasionally each singing different songs.

Draco and the Malfoys were cuter than I expected singing about evil. The boy rather liked them (and he dances pretty cool). They had a fun stage presence.

Harry and the Potters were probably the dullest act. Quite frankly they aren't very good and are more in the position they are in Wizard Rock more because they were first than any other reason. But heh, it is pretty cool to be able to tour libraries and small clubs to sing songs about books you love. And the kids sang along with all their songs.

It was amazing thinking that all the high school and college kids there have grown up with these books. The first book came out 10 years ago, when most of these kids where 10 or less. And as [ profile] peaseblossom said this generation may be so ironic they have no sense of irony. So there were some weird moments, like the guy from the Harry Potter Alliance.

Also, I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was, on how harry potter love has translated into school-girl fetish wear.

We left around 9:45, the starchild was not capable of making it any longer. This morning we headed out and bought the book and [ profile] peaseblossom is reading it. We also stopped by the lego store so the boy could exchange a duplicate from his birthday and he and his sister are downstairs building. Not sure what we'll do the rest of the day.
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We went and saw the 5th movie last night for the boy's birthday. Very good, probably my favorite, or maybe tied with Prisoner, I'sd have to see both to make sure.

n the book the battle at the Ministry of Magic is at best muddled. Very hard to follow and sort of anti-climatic. The movie does it much better, taking advantage of the benefits of a visual medium. The battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort was awesome, easily the best high magic battle I've seen on screen.

Well worth seeing.
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I can't decide who is the bigger potter-head in the family, [ profile] peaseblossom or the boy. The last three weeks have been all Harry, all the time. And the next month promises to be the same.

I definitely know where we'll be on the 20th, the Best Harry Potter Party EVER! Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoys. Should be fun.


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