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I've finished reading John Crowley's Endless Things. For those who haven't drunk the kool-aid (and if you haven't what the hell is wrong with you!) this is the fourth, and last, book in his Aegypt series which first begun in 1987 when I was in high school. So this is a series I've been reading my entire adult life (sort of mirroring in some ways the life of the main character Pierce).

The Aegypt series involves the search, the dream quest of Pierce that there is a story that will uncover an alternate reality or a secret history where magic is possible. Pierce's pursuit of magic, alchemy, and other Gnostic systems of knowledge is less concerned with acquiring supernatural abilities and more preoccupied with a very natural longing for a lost romanticism, a philosophy of hope which will instill meaning and significance into Pierce's own great work, a palimpsest of half-forgotten memories and half-remembered stories. Along the way we glimpse Prospero, Dee, Shakespeare, Rudolph, Bruno, and even Dame Yeats (as a guardian angel of sorts).

Endless Things is really a love story about books and reading and romance. Lyrical and poetic, it is hard not to read in one giant gulp and savor for its complexity. If you’ve been following along with Aegypt at any point in the last 20 years go and read this. If you haven’t find the first book and embark on the journey with Crowley as your psychopomp, it is richly rewarded. And luckily the first book is coming back into print later this year, but you can find it at most libraries.
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I went to Pandemonium today during lunch and got Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand and Endless Things by John Crowley. Two of my favorite authors. I can't decide which one I will read first. Hand's new book is supposed to be very good (and I love her writing) but the end of the Aegypt series, how can I freaking not read that! I almost wish Chris Frekering wasn't coming over tonight so I can read one. But seriously I haven't seen him in several years and its pretty exciting that he's in the States.

With these two books Small Beer Press gets a lot of kudos in my book as a superior press (they have other good books too). I'm glad Pandemonium is carrying so much Small Beer right now, good stuff.

The end of Aegypt. I'm in palpatations.
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I've said more than once that John Crowley's novel Little Big is the startof a lot of modern/urban/contemporary fantasy and probably the greatest of the mdoern fairy tales. It's an absolute masterwork of modern fiction with deeplroots in the fairy lore of Victorian England while still being deeply infused with the American spirit. Its one of those books that I've lent out and not received back more than I can count.

For the book's 25th anniversary Incunabula Press is doing a special edition with critical introduction from Harold Bloom. I've been eying this for a while but the $95 price tag makes me keep hesitating. But it looks like the the book is actually going to happen and now I want it once more.


Jul. 14th, 2006 07:00 pm
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[ profile] crowleycrow has announced that the 4th book of the Aegypt series will finally see print. Yeah!!!!!
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Nick Antosca has blogged his interview with awesome writer John Crowley. It makes me very happy that the interview includes news of an impending fourth and concluding volume in the Aegypt sequence. And Crowley has a LiveJournal for those who don't know, [ profile] crowleycrow.

Thanks to infocult for pointing it out.
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The Little Professor has a great review of Lord Byron's Novel, a book I greatly enjoyed. The review was especially interesting to me because she makes reference to Romances of the Archive in Contemporary British Fiction by Suzanne Keen. This book sounds like it could be just what I'm looking for, but unfortunately my library network doesn't have it so that means an ILL (this serves as a reminder to do that).


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