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So today I took the kids to Boston Comic Book Spectacular, which was less than spectacular. Very small thing mostly of dealer tables and a few artists, most of which was not kid friendly. Actually there were a few that I had to hurry the kids right past, which is annoying and I really wish they'd separate dealers at events like this.

The boy got a very nice piece by Joe Quinones a local comic book artist who recently had some work in Teen Titans Go! which made him very happy. We'll have to get it framed.

The girl got a cute dinosaur t-shirt. I should have gotten [ profile] peaseblossom the pirate/squid.
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Today, for our easter tradition, we went book shopping. The boy chose a book called Do Not Open, which appears to be a collection of espionage, conspiracy and just plain old weird things. Yep, the apple just doesn't fall far from the tree.

The starchild chose a book about ballerinas and a book about fairies. She almost went for a book about monsters, but I blame grammy for the change of plans.

[ profile] peaseblossom got a sewing book.

And somehow I got no books. Which seems a huge injustice (never mind who bought 80% of the books currently sitting in boxes waiting for the bookshelves to come in).
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The boy has asked me to run a game for him and his friends. He writes:

I would like my roleplaying game to be about Harry Potter.

I think the setting should be at Hogwarts and I think the characters should be very good at magic or not very good at magic.

I also think that the scene should be a mixture of quidditich and magic class.

Discussing it with him he seemed happy to choose a different school, perhaps in the USA. So I'll probably set it at the Salem Academy, which is mentioned very very briefly in Goblet of Fire. Probably for simplicity we'll end up with the same houses but need to ask the kids that.

From discussions with [ profile] peaseblossom it appears what he really wants is to focus on magic class and quidditich and he doesn't care about having a big bad. He also wants to go through all seven years. That seems to lend itself to a nice narrative arch of start of school, halloween, christmas break, quidditich cup, end of school. Which is pretty much how most of the books are organized.

Mechanics, well definitely will have to whip up something simple. [ profile] peaseblossom recommend using a class schedule to build skills, and that seems reasonable. Throw in some virtues and we're all set.

Now to invite his friends.
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The boy is currently reading the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz, which is youthful spy fiction in the mode of James Bond (alas not Smiley).

Its lead to very interesting conversations, such as the history of MI6, some of which I'm sure the boy listens to for the first few minutes and then tunes out.

Today, after finishing the second book (and starting the 3rd) he announced that the first two books had basically the same stuff happen -- Something happens, Alex goes undercover and finds clues, he gets in trouble, to paraphrase the boy. This led to good discussion on formula and genre. Which ended by the boy saying these books need more action. Which just led me flabbergasted.

I need to investigate to se if we'll let him watch the movies. The graphic novel for Stormbreaker was fine but did skirt the boundaries of violence for a 7 year old.
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A recent favorite kid book in my house was The boy who was raised by librarians, written by Carla Morris and illustrated by Brad Sneed. It made me (and [ profile] peaseblossom) sniffle. The starchild just loves it. This amusing, warm-hearted picture book celebrates the impact that public libraries and librarians can have on the lives of children, and I’d guess most of my friends would resonate with it.

The boy continues his fascination with comics, space, robots, bionicles and the like. I really should post some of his comics some day.


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