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[ profile] larpwriting has thrown down the gauntlet and said that LARPers are ignorant in theory and that you need to understand GNS to write a good LARP (which means by association you need GNS to write a good RPG). I do agree (though don't have the experience or the bitterness he comes across with about people who hate theory) that a discussion of theory is a good thing for our craft, for any craft. I just find the emphasis on GNS problematic.

He's making a fundamental mistake, which is basically thinking GNS is a theory, which its not. It is neither descriptive nor predicative. What it is is a manifesto (unless you go pre-Forge and than its a meme-quiz). And personally not a very good one. So on that level he's wrong, LARPs do have many, many examples of manifestos, which are all on the level of GNS, so you could easily choose one of those other ones and say the exact same things he's said in that post.

That all said, I do look forward to his subsequent posts as [ profile] larpwriting has always proven himself an insightful commentator.
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My spy game has been accepted for Intercon H.
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I just went and bid a game at Intercon H

On paper the Intellectual Resource Operational Security Interagency Working Group (IWG) exists to locate, identify, inventory, and recommend strategies for protection, key intellectual resources (academic, art and others) of high critical interest to the United States government at home and abroad. Made up of members from a variety of US Intelligence Agencies from the FBI to the CIA to the Pentagon it might appear to be a dead end job, used to sideline malcontents and those coasting to retirement. In reality it is an inter-governmental agency that is fighting a secret battle for the hearts, minds and souls of the free-world. A war fought in the all too horrible interstices of a plague of suspicion, distrust, disinformation, conspiracy consciousness that has emanated like gamma radiation from intelligence agencies East and West, the pervasive feeling of unfathomable deceit that has destabilized our confidence in the knowability of history.

Operation Radial Star should have been a routine mission. But something has gone horribly wrong. Now you, the leadership team of the Intellectual Resource Operational Security Interagency Working Group (IWG), top spies all, must set things in order. before their superiors determine that things have gone horribly wrong and that everything must be sanitized -- Starting with the IWG.

Players will be drawn from various US intelligence Agencies (and a few key allies). Movers and shakers they are those who have strode upon the secret path these professional spies are mysterious, unpredictable, omnipotent, admirable yet criminal. Are they honorable patriots who compromise themselves for a just cause? Or are they liars, thieves, "a procession of vain fools, traitors" who play on the weaknesses of others to gain information?

Now to actually write the rest of the thing. I basically have 4 flow charts and a collection of background briefings together with a page of facilitating factors and inhibiting factors.
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Introducing the Purple Badge. Definitely something I need to pay more attention to as I formulate my proposed espionage LARP.
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So I'm pondering bidding a LARP for the enxt Intercon. Its an espionage concept and one of the bits of mechancis I'm working on is "Code Words", sicne information is power this represents the knowledge a character has (it looks like there will only be two mechanical parts of a character, code words and pulling strings (very Conspiracy X-ish).

I've been pondering how to get this information to characters, and manage it. [ profile] peaseblossom suggests making it available on the web and thenencourage players to bring laptops/provide afew extras and then do wireless in the room (need to look into internet availability costs for the host hotel).

So I need a software package. I was thinking wiki, but it needs to alow better layout (standard format, logo, color scheme, etc, I want it to look quasi-official) and allow some sort of password management.

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I'd appreciate it if folks can give me links to the best LARP sites, blogs, fora and the rest out there.

Also anyone know the next Intercon's bidding schedule?

Thanks in advance.


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