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My thoughts on how a Delta Green/Ordo Veritas/Aegis organization might look. An outline )
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Chris Roberson recently finished a series of reviews of "Secret Services" over on his blog. His word for clandestine government agencies tasked with investigating and policing the supernatural. And as many know, a favorite area of mine.

he touched on a few organizations I wasn't aware of, and of course I'm tempted to add a few others.But a series worth reading.
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News about the Congo coming in fast and furious (around all the news about Somalian pirates and Mexican drug gangs) and this makes me think about Pantellos. Pantellos was my Declare-style game about corporate spies in an occult world spinning out of control.

[ profile] peaseblossom and I we're just talking about this, and we both agree Esoterrorists could work, but we'd need more crunchy combat. Luckily, [ profile] robin_d_laws is coming out with the The Esoterror Fact Book, which is supposed to add some more crunch to combat to allow paramilitary games. Which might be perfect for this.

So, [ profile] seborn, [ profile] truthspeaker, what do you say? Interested in reuniting the band and doing a 7 years later? Many of the craziness in the world is still there. We have the Congo spiraling out of control; Craziness in Venezuela. Black prisons in the Balkans. Spice it with some Somalian pirates and Mexican drug gangs and we easily have the places. And the weirdness usually just writes itself.

A few nights back we had [ profile] jeffwik, [ profile] emilytheslayer, and Stefan over. And Jeff suggested we do a mission, which is from my more realistic spy game, Age of Paranoia. And it was a lot of fun. It got the old juices burning overtime. I'm also re-reading The Eight which may be the book that started it all 20 years ago for me. Couple all that with my lovecraftian-spy LARP that never happened and I have this burning desire to run a spy game. Again. But I'll be honest its something I do do well.

I still want to return, by the way, to my Supernatural done right game with [ profile] jeffwik and [ profile] peaseblossom as soon as they are ready.
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Its no secret that I like (love) occult weirdness, eliptony, conspriacy and the unexplained. Its my natural stomping ground.

And so, as I consider Secret History of Crime as a Gumshoes game I have to look at what the elvel of occult is going to be.

I love Occult Detectives and occult spies, and there is a very cool arching story I can tell, with lots of neat side stories.

But then again, it would be interesting to play these with little to no supernatural. I think it really would depend on where the inetrest (if any) would lie.
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As I'm writing my espionage LARP I've decided I would like a little organic background for a few things. And I'm kind of thinking of developing it through some mission play.

Would anyone be interested? I basically have a few scenarios I'd like to develop some background around and the mission play will hopefully provide some organic stuff.
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I just went and bid a game at Intercon H

On paper the Intellectual Resource Operational Security Interagency Working Group (IWG) exists to locate, identify, inventory, and recommend strategies for protection, key intellectual resources (academic, art and others) of high critical interest to the United States government at home and abroad. Made up of members from a variety of US Intelligence Agencies from the FBI to the CIA to the Pentagon it might appear to be a dead end job, used to sideline malcontents and those coasting to retirement. In reality it is an inter-governmental agency that is fighting a secret battle for the hearts, minds and souls of the free-world. A war fought in the all too horrible interstices of a plague of suspicion, distrust, disinformation, conspiracy consciousness that has emanated like gamma radiation from intelligence agencies East and West, the pervasive feeling of unfathomable deceit that has destabilized our confidence in the knowability of history.

Operation Radial Star should have been a routine mission. But something has gone horribly wrong. Now you, the leadership team of the Intellectual Resource Operational Security Interagency Working Group (IWG), top spies all, must set things in order. before their superiors determine that things have gone horribly wrong and that everything must be sanitized -- Starting with the IWG.

Players will be drawn from various US intelligence Agencies (and a few key allies). Movers and shakers they are those who have strode upon the secret path these professional spies are mysterious, unpredictable, omnipotent, admirable yet criminal. Are they honorable patriots who compromise themselves for a just cause? Or are they liars, thieves, "a procession of vain fools, traitors" who play on the weaknesses of others to gain information?

Now to actually write the rest of the thing. I basically have 4 flow charts and a collection of background briefings together with a page of facilitating factors and inhibiting factors.
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From intrigue-filled fiction spurred by the Cold War to glamorous movies with twisting plots, the business of spying -- espionage, surveillance and sabotage -- has captured imaginations for decades. Occult fiction, especially occult detectives, have probably an even longer pedigree. And for me, as many already know, these are two great tastes that go great together.

Spies have in common with occultists is an uncanny ability to connect the seemingly unconnected, to notice what goes on behind the scenes and to see through misdirection. Both often use collaborators or confederates, and mentors. Each have their rules of engagement. Even some of the elements of tradecraft are the same. Both are cryptic, using encryptions and codes. Each has its own arcane language, symbols veiled from the profane. Remote Viewing is virtually identical with clairvoyance. Both are masters of disguise, the hidden environment, intelligence, espionage, and covert action. Both are Inside Outsiders, working at the fringes of the system. And both work sub rosa.

I’m working on a biography and I find it easier to think of more rpg entries than fiction.
To qualify a book has to involve both espionage and the occult. And frankly I have trouble finding nearly as many as I do occult detectives (like spy novels the sub genre demarcations can of course be difficult).

  • Tim Powers gives us Declare and Three Days to Never
  • Charles Stross, Atrocity Archives and Jennifer Morgue
  • Kim Newman’s Diogene Club cycle
  • Alexander Irvine’s The Narrows
  • There’s all of the Brian Lumley stuff (I’m afraid to read him again, I figure if my teenage self found him awful he can only have gotten worse)

It’s much easier for roleplaying. There’s Delta Green and Conspiracy X, half a dozen books from GURPS, Dark Conspiracy and who knows what else I’m forgetting.

For television I'd place Alias pretty strongly here.

So what am I forgetting, from both lists?


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