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Just finished my third round entry for Revisionist History. The second round was a lot slower than the first, hoping that interest in this isn't going to die out so soon. I'm enjoying the more negotatory and detailed system here.
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I posted my article for the 2nd round of Revisionist History and its a Challenge article. I hope noone takes this as me being a jerk (or at least a bigger jerk than normal) but I was curious to see how these work and I have lots of questions.

I'm having fun doing this and I hope everyone else still is. I'm very curious to see whatw e get for the 2nd round. I'm also curious to see how the timeline resolves itself.

I'm not sure if I did this challenging article right. I think its enough of a challenge but I worry others might not think so.

Is anyone reading this who isn't participating?
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Great First Round on Revisionist History! Some amazing articles that really make me wonder where things are going to go.

  • My article introduced the wild women of the Aquarian Sisterhood
  • [ profile] ivan23 gave us a details on the reverand and his STDs (introducing the sexual disease motif which always serves horror well)
  • [ profile] wiredhound goes off into weirdo land. Is he insane? Is he a priamry source writing at the time? And introduces rather fun photorecords.
  • [ profile] sben introduces a suspect and deepens the plot
  • [ profile] peaseblossom has fun with photsohop and gives us a morality crusade
  • [ profile] bluegargantua gave us occult klansmen, yummy.
  • [ profile] vaklam brings us a family drama and our first death (who is identified as a founder of the Aquarian Sisterhood by me).

    Great articles all around. I'm really looking forward to challenges next round as I expect to see a few.

    And its not to late to join in!

    EDIT: Everyone please read the Discussion Page for clarification on earning and investing points!

    EDITED AGAIN: [ profile] peaseblossom catches up!
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Everyone should be doing their scholars and gearing up for their first entry (which can be posted as of today).
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We've got seven contributors sigend up for Revisionist History which seems a great number but theres always room fr more.

Most everyone has their Research Subjects and the Relationships seem to be coming along nicely.

Now to figure out just what the controversy is and get the scholars made up. [ profile] wiredhound's suggestion for controversy is quite intriguing but lets see some more up there people!

I'm pretty excited about this game should be fun to see what sort of output we get. I'm hoping the more photoshop savy participants will doctor photographs for us as contrbutions.
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Everyone who wants to get their mitts in on Revisionist History should get over to the wiki and contribute characters and relationships.
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So, folks good with having the frst round of Revisionist History on Friday? That means between the and now we need to do Research Subjects, Relationships, Event and Controversy. Create scholars and then write first round entries. Is that enough time?

If we're going to do this we should start doing relationships on Monday and have a controversy by Thursday, scholars on Friday and then that round ends on Tuesday the 20th.

Does that seem reasonable to folks?

The more the merrier for this thing, just go to and post your subjects.
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Well it looks like we have enough players to play a game of Revisionist History. The 20's seem tolerable for folks so lets go with that, and folks seem happy enough with two rounds of play a week on Tuesday and Friday. So speak now if you are not.

Next step is choosing research subjects, we'll need twice the number of players so the easiest thing to do is have each player choose two. You basically need to do the following: name, age, gender and profession.

Research subjects can go here. I'm using the tantanea wiki but that doesn't mean this is necessarily linked into the world.

Speaking of which, are we just going to see how spooky things get? Or lay out some basic ground rules?
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Let’s run a game of Revisionist History starting this month.

I’ll open by saying I think we should have two rounds a week: Tuesday and Friday. Though if I could get a large degree of excitement about it I’d say three rounds a week at MWF. But lets be frank, this level of participation is hard to get and I think two rounds a week gives ample opportunity for development of articles. What the play period does is set a speed limit for earning tokens and investing them, so those who want to do more during that period certainly can.

For general period and setting I’m in a 20-esque mood but when it comes to history I’m game for most anything. The question for me is do we want to set any guidelines on genre or style or do we just want to leave it wide open. Me, I’d love to leave it wide open and see what develops.

So let’s hear a round up of folks who are interested and talk out the details. Folks had indicated in the past that they were interested in starting next week.
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I think I've reached my tolerance limit (and maybe beyond) for Lexicons and it is time to try something different for constrained writing for a group on the web. Of course with me, different usually means more complicated and I find myself looking once more at Revisionist History which I’ve liked for a while, it takes constrained writing as game play to a new level by blending the best of Universalis with the concept behind Lexicon.

So who is interested?

If folks are interested we should start discussing the following (go read the rules first):
  • The general period, setting and, optionally, some event that our subjects are all involved with.

  • What amount of time is considered a play period. Default is one day, but three days or one week, etc, are equally acceptable.

  • Other mechanic and social contract issues.

After that we can choose research subjects.

I figure if we start discussing this now we can be ready to start around or after the time the current Lexicon wraps up.


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