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[ profile] peaseblossom recently read and reviewed James Shapiro's Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?, and now its my turn.

And frankly I'm already blown away by the prologue. I'm reading it this morning and he starts by stating a "truth", then doing the normal prologue blahblah of what he intends to sya, and then wham! he upsets the apple cart. Best prologue ever. The first chapter is darn good too.

Go read [ profile] peaseblossom's review and then go pick up this book.

I'm really looking forward to Shapiro's takedown of wikipedia, too, by the way.

Rained out

Jul. 28th, 2007 06:08 pm
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Celebrate Shakespeare Day was very well done. [ profile] peaseblossom and I learned an Elizabethan Dance and the boy did a physical comedy workshop. The play was rained out, which disappointed the boy to no end so we're going back for tomorrow's 7 o'clock show. Let us know if you're interested in meeting up.
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Truly manga has claimed the earth and the rest of us haven't realized it quite yet.

Creber Monde is sponsoring a Shakespeare Manga Contest for teenagers this December.
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[ profile] peaseblossom has been reading a lot of Shakespeare, and like everything else she does it bleeds over into my consciousness. Of course my personal filters see it through gaming and eliptony, I just can’t help myself.

So this is what I’m thinking. A LARP where everyone are actors with a role in one of the Bard’s plays. The LARP has as its framework rehearsing 2 scenes, and we will actually do a rehearsal for those 2 scenes. The gender issues would be pretty easy to handle. Women can be men playing women, or women pretending to be men (pretending to be women) and what-have-you.

The twist (here’s the eliptony) is that everyone is a representative from one of the weird-theories that have conglomerated around the bard. Catholic spies and faeries and freemasons and reptoids. Time travelers and witches and Bacon’s men. Everyone wanting their slice out of poor Shakespeare.

[ profile] peaseblossom told me that [ profile] jadasc had once played in a LARP where soliloquies were part of the game. I’d totally want to use that to express internal landscape with some “reality” shaping ability.

Unfortunately I feel very out of touch with the LARPing community, been ages since I’ve been all that active and I feel like I should get up to speed with the state of the art before I try to run one again.


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