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I'm bringing the boy to the local chapter of Society Young Magicians, which were going to join.

If you never hear from me again its because I went into the disappearing box and never came out again.

Seriously, the boy is very into magic (he built himself a collapsing staff trick yesterday out of paper that worked okay), so anything I can do to encourage will be good. I just wish this wasn't in Burlington!
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We were just watching the "Once and Future Thing" two-parter of Justice League Unlimited. And the boy was making Greek mythology jokes about Chronos (the bad-guy) and at one point he was making references to Atlas.

I think I have created a monster.
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The boy is reading Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett and illustrated by Brett Helquist and he asks

"Dad, who's Charles Fort?"

So I explain that Charles Fort was a scholar who collected the unusual and the unexplained and believed the world was a stranger place than science allowed.

And the boy says "He wrote a book called Lo!, do we have that?"

And then he was curled up reading Fort until his grammy showed up.

I definitely have to read this kid's mystery.
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Took the kids to Free Comic Books Day today, we ended up hitting New England Comics in Cooldige Corner. Which is not where I planned on being (I was thinking Comicopia) but with the housewarming tonight I needed to pick up some things and thus we were nearby.

I'm glad we were. One of the starchild's favorite artists, Andy Runton of Owly was there, and she got the newest book A Time to be Brave signed (with illustration) and also a picture of Owly ice skating which she is very ecstatic about. She did a great job waiting in line for an hour behind all the annoying older guys getting art work for way to many relatives so I also bought her a stuffed Owly.

The boy was very excited when he got home and read his issue of Super Friends (which we bought, Tiny Titans was the Johnny DC title this year) and found a picture he had done of the Justice League when he was 6 on the letters page.
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The boy is hugely into all things Oz right now. He's on, I think, the 6th of Baum's books and he's read Shanowar's comics. And desperately wants to se the movie (if soccer gets cancelled this week I think we will watch it).

I have also, as a result, just read The Wizard of Oz to the starchild.

It's quite interesting to approach the books through a child's perspective. I had, quite frankly, gotten a little dismissive of Baum, and its amazing to see the power he still can hold in a child's imagination.

Plus its a welcome change of pace from bionicles, pokemon (though Magic helps there) and Harry Potter.
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As the boy gets older we start playing more and more sophisticated games. This Christmas we got him "Ticket to Ride" (amongst others) which we just played to great fun by all. I'm actually happy that he's now old enough for German board games, as they are a lot more interesting than candy land and the rest.

Of course they are rather more expensive, which I'm sure Tyler will appreciate.

And with that comes the 3 hours of Pokemon card playing we did yesterday. Which is not as much fun for me (I also need to go searching for buying energy, he has no where enough energy cards to make decks with)
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The Boy has finally discovered the joys on TinTin, which doesn't really surprise me. It is a comic, which he loves and we have trouble finding appropriate ones for him; its pulpy, and kids and pulp just go well together; and, it has enough words that challenge him but is still fun to read. Today we went to the library and came back with a stack of them.

I've been trying to get the boy to read TinTin for months, but he wasn't having anything to do with it. What I've learned is that he doesn't like to ty new things himself, but if I bring it home and leave it around he will read it and once he reads it and discovers he likes it then theres no stopping him.


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