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Wow, now this is a great treatment of Kang! It makes him a tragic villain/anti-hero. I hope they continue in that vein I can see myself watching this.
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Anyone know any alternate histories where Henry Wallace continued as VP and succeeds Franklin D. Roosevelt and not Truman?
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The first turn of For Want of a Nail, representing breakpoints between 1939 and the present is due tomorrow (the 16th). We have a good group so far but it is not too late to jump on board! All are welcome.
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The first entry is due for For Want of a Nail on Tuesday. I'm currently considering two entries.

The first is where Konrad Adenauer did not ignore Stalin's proposal for German re-unification and the different Cold War that resulted with Central Europe much more off the block (I'm being positive about Stalin's intentions). So Divergence 1952 or so.

The second is having Mo Udall win as president in 1972.
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Okay, what if we say the first turn of For Want of a Nail will be due next Tuesday, thats the 16th. I've already created a wiki page. Hopefully no one minds its a sub directory off of taci.

Is this workable to everyone? Any additional game negotiations?

And there is a community [ profile] forwantofanail
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But your creating Fancy, thought it fit
To make your World of Nothing, but pure Wit.
Your Blazing-world, beyond the Stars mounts higher,
Enlightens all with a Celestial Fire.

—The Duke of Newcastle, upon the publication of his wife Margaret's The Blazing World (1666), arguably the first alternate reality story in the English language.

In this Lexicon the players will take on the role of an individual associated with the concept of alternate/parallel worlds in a cross-time milieu. The game will be played in 9 turns, each based on a range of breakpoints, moving backwards in time. The turns will consist of the following eras:
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There seems to be a proper amount of interest in doing an alternate worlds lexicon so I think I'll start pulling together a game document. Which will mean I need a name.

Folks interested in the idea should pop over to the original thread an put their two cents in. I'd expect to write something up by Wednesday and then post it here for review and commentary.

It has been almost a year since I've run my last lexicon. And about 9 months since I've been in one. I should check around and see if anyone has pioneered anything new.
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“Most shadow history proceeds with the logic of dream, full of odd echoes and distorted resonances of our world,” I said. “I am experimenting with anew form, in which a single point of divergence in history leads to anew causal chain of events, and thus a different present.”

“But the world isa dream,” he said excitedly. “Your idea smacks of Democritan materialism — as if the events of the world were produced purely by liner cause and effect, the simplest of the Five Forms of causality.”

“Indeed,” I said.

“How fanciful!” he cried.

    Benjamin Rosenbaum, “Biographical Notes to ‘A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-Planes’ by Benjamin Rosenbaum,” All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, November 2004

So, I made reference to an Alternate Worlds lexicon to [ profile] shiffer and now I feel like I should explore the idea more. Read more... )


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